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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Julio Urias Bowman Blue Wave REF RC

My first Julio Urias card was his Bowman Sterling RC Auto. I was recently able to secure another piece of Urias cardboard in the form of his Blue Wave Refractor RC out of 2014 Bowman. The card has tremendous pop when held up to the light, although that unfortunately didn't come across in the below scan.

This gorgeous card was snatched from the clutches of eBay for less than $5 shipped. I didn't expect to win it but thought that the card was sitting at too low of a high bid. I placed a bid and somehow it was the high mark and held up as the auction wound down and came to a close. I once met Julio, as recapped here.


  1. Nice pick up.
    Ive come not to like the waves (blue or black)
    Much prefer the numbered refractors.
    He should be a beast when he comes up.
    Wish me luck.
    Going to Lancaster on Saturday. Hoping to add to the Urias I got from you
    = )

  2. Sweet card. I'll have to add that to my eBay want list.

  3. Sweet card.

    Don't forget to defend your crown. Fill out a bracket.

  4. Thanks gents!

    Penguin- Good luck! Julio is a pretty good signer.

    zman- Entry is in!