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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bill Walton's UCLA John Hancock.

I finally added a piece to my UCLA Collection that has been long overdue and not even that hard to acquire. I wanted to wait and make sure it was the right piece of this key Bruin, and for whatever reason it simply took a long, long time. But I can finally say I own the John Hancock of the legendary Bill Walton, and just as important is that he is pictured in his UCLA attire.

Walton set me back the small sum of $5.49 delivered. This will pair fantastically well with the John Wooden from the same postcard/photograph "set" I landed -- for a great price as well -- some time ago.

Walton seems like a phenomenal guy from all of the in-person experiences I've read about, and I hope to one day meet the Hall of Famer.


  1. That Walton's cool but WHOA... did not know you had something as great as that Wooden in your collection. Next time Walton does a public signing, let's go! I need an in person auto from him too.

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  3. Austin- Thanks! And I'm down! Also, that Wooden was quite affordable on eBay....

    Matt/Hack- Gracias!

  4. Happy birthday Greg -- and that is an awesome Wooden!