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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aziz Ansari Dual Shirt/Suit Jacket Relic!

I was able to acquire my second dual relic out of 2013 Parks and Recreation when a seller listed the below Aziz Ansari for the BIN price of $7.99 plus shipping. Roughly half a blaster later and I could cross off another P&R Master Set need. The dual relics come in Base /99 (except Adam Scott's base which is /50) and Blue Holo, numbered out of a scant 25.

Numbered 46/99, I now just need the Amy Poehler and Adam Scott dual relics to complete that subset. Neither will come cheaply, in all likelihood. Oh, and can you top these sweet Aziz relics? A very colorful shirt piece with a seam as well as a two-color suit jacket swatch work so well together.

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