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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Stunning Superman Sketch, Joe Simko

I've really gotten into non-sports cardboard over the last six or so months. Even though that is due to Archer and Parks and Recreation, I told myself that if I could land any sketch cards out of other products for a great price, I would allow it as long as it didn't conflict with acquiring any remaining needs from Archer or P&R. I recently searched random sketches and stumbled across the below by Joe Simko.

This gorgeous sketch hails from 2012 Cryptozoic DC Comics Superman: The Legend. I don't know my Superman history, so the villain is a mystery to me. Here's a funny thing about the card: it arrived with a bright orange background -- and I mean bright orange -- which did not come across in the auction. It makes the card even better. It refuses to scan orange even when I scan it in at home.

As I was scanning I realized I could play around with the contrast and tried to get the orange to show up. It didn't, but I was able to come up with some fun variations of the sketch with various colors becoming more and less apparent along the way.

My favorite of the three, as the colors really stand out. Except the orange. Simko is a very accomplished artist, producing content for Topps' Garbage Pail Kids releases in addition to creating his own book series (The Sweet Rot) and artwork for a number of bands. I'm quite happy to have him as part of my Sketch PC.


  1. That monster looks extremely familiar, but I can't place it. It's a really nice sketch, though. Cryptozoic does a pretty good job on quality control for their sketches. I have yet to pull a bad sketch from one of their DC releases.

  2. Sweet pickup man. I will also be loading up on sketch cards as the year rolls along. I have to make some room in my collection and wallet first though.

  3. Thanks guys!

    RAZ- Yeah, I'm a big Crypto supporter.

    Alex- You and me both haha. I've got my eyes on some of the Guardians of the Galaxy sketches out there right now. Surprisingly affordable, some of them.

  4. This is my favorite sketch I've seen on your blog so far. Killer. I can't imagine being lucky enough to land such a good looking DC or Marvel sketch card. Go, Greg!