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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From Party Down to Parks and Rec.

My Parks and Recreation needs are quickly dwindling, as I'm down to just the biggest monetary expenditures. This, of course, coincides with the cards being of the biggest names for the most part, as well as some of the seemingly more short-printed actors and actresses. I was recently able to cross off one of those big needs after some back-and-forth with an eBay seller.

The above Blue Holo parallel, numbered 13/25, popped up with a BIN and Best Offer feature attached. I made an offer and the seller countered shortly thereafter. I countered once more and thankfully he or she was willing to take my blaster's worth of dollars. Adam Scott's fantastic dual relic (plaid shirt and tie, complete with a very visible loose thread) is now mine!

Ben Wyatt is a tremendous character. The pieces are from Season 4, Episode 12.


  1. Very fun. I have enjoyed seeing you chip away at this set.

  2. Spastik- Man, I miss Party Down.

    Josh- Thanks dude! I'm closing in!