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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Burt Reynolds Auto: The Final Piece To My Cryptozoic Archer Auto Set!

Burt Reynolds: actor, mustache aficionado, and guest star as himself on the amazing Archer. His inclusion in Cryptozoic's 2014 Archer release was a big one in terms of adding meat to the set and the amount I'd have to shell out to acquire it. Once I decided to go for a Master Set, however, money was not going to stand in my way. My Archer buddy Kyle came through yet again and offered the below beaut for much less than about 95% of the Burt John Hancocks have sold for.

I may one day look to acquire a Chris Parnell auto that is not a Summit /175 parallel but for now I'm more than happy to simply have one of each John Hancock found in this amazing set. The Reynolds was always going to be the toughest to track down and the most monetarily-draining but thankfully my Archer brother from another mother Kyle let me take this off of his hands.

Also, if we're talking Burt Reynolds I'd be remiss to not include the above. Turd Ferguson y'all. That's your opinion.

And of course, a scene from his Archer stint in "The Man From Jupiter." It was a tremendous episode and I'd recommend everyone check it out (Burt dates Archer's mother Malory). I now just need two of the Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Relics to complete my Master Set (plus any sketches I can grab).


  1. Congrats on finding the Reynolds. You will have to have a wrap up post showing all of them!

  2. thanks dudes!

    Matt- Of course, post is up!