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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Promo Card For Cryptozoic's Archer.

A simple yet elusive piece to my Cryptozoic Archer Master Set has finally found its way into my collection. A promo card for the set was released back in 2013 in an issue of Non-Sport Update Magazine. A few have popped up online but were just a tad above what I wanted to pay.

eBay came through as I landed it for $3.99 shipped. The front features Lana, Cyril, and a wheelchair-stricken Ray shooting it out with Cubans in front of Krieger's van.

The scene is from The Man From Jupiter (aka the Burt Reynolds episode).

And here's the very colorful back. I am now officially down to just two of the Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Relics to complete this glorious Master Set.

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  1. Some times companies put out cool promo cards, this is one of those cool promo cards. It is a nice addition to your collection.