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Monday, December 29, 2014

Trade With Cards On Cards: Cuban and Camouflaged and Checklisted, Yasiel.

I completed my first trade with Kerry from Cards On Cards. He pulled a card I had to have and thankfully he collects the Cardinals, of which I had much to trade.

I really can't scan sometimes. Numbered 52/99, this Camo Parallel of a Puig-filled checklist caught my eye when Kerry posted some pulls. We quickly struck up a deal and I'm happy to add a really swell card to my modest Puig PC. ManBearPuig is in full flight with a dirty jersey. This is such a #MERICA card.

A brand new Clayton Kershaw takes me one step closer to 250 Kid Ks. A great Tulo rookie from UD Masterpieces was a nice surprise, and here are two of a handful of Gerrit Cole RCs that came my way.

Here are the rest of those aforementioned Cole RCs, and they're joined by a pair of 2011 Gypsy Queen cards I needed; a sweet Koufax; and a slew of Kevin Love UCLA cards.

Kerry also sent along a nice chunk of my 2014 Allen & Ginter needs, which is always much appreciated. Thanks for the great trade Kerry, and I hope you enjoy the cards I sent in return!

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