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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Yes, Other Barry, IT IS Another Archer 1/1 Sketch Card To Ring in 2015.

If you immediately got the reference in the title I love you so very, very much. There was a stretch at this blog where I posted nothing but 1/1 Archer sketch cards from 2014 Cryptozoic Archer. My Archer posts are few and far between now for two reasons. One, my Master Set is almost complete, and two, sketches dried up online. A few began to trickle out before one seller busted multiple cases.

The above comes from that trickling out of sketch cards. It's my second 1/1 from Ben "1314" Hansen and my first sketch depicting Barry Dylan, Archer's main rival spy (with his trusty Desert Eagle Mark VII gun). Barry worked for Odin; was injured numerous times by Archer; and eventually was turned into a cyborg before he assumed the mantle of KGB head after killing the previous leader. He also killed Archer's almost-wife Katya and constantly refers to himself in the third person and to his other personality, "Other Barry."

If you didn't get the reference and are entirely lost: start this video at the 15 minute and 30 second mark. You won't be disappointed (just watch the whole episode).

1 comment:

  1. I'll be honest: I haven't quite understood this Archer fix of yours.

    And then I recently saw a preview of the show.

    I think I'm beginning to get it. Looking forward to discovering this bizarro gem.

    Another great hook up, congrats!