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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Parks and Recreation: Amy Poehler's Triple Relic Is Finally All Mine!

It's always interesting when you come to the end of a master set or some big project and need a couple cards to finish things off. Do you overpay for the last one or two or three, or do you hold firm on what you think are fair prices and wait it out?

Amy Poehler's cards are the most expensive in the 2013 Parks and Recreation release from Press Pass and her triple was quite hard to nab. After a failed best offer the above -- numbered 70/99 -- appeared and I quickly made an offer. He countered and I was comfortable with the new offer, but mostly just relieved to knock off the last relic I needed. The swatches come from a suit jacket, blouse (real character to this piece), and pants worn in Episode 11 of Season 3.

I now just need the two big John Hancocks in the set: Poehler and Rob Lowe.


  1. It's really difficult to hold steady on whatever your mental price limit is, especially if you're trying to make a quick decision on a high-demand limited item. I think it gets even harder when you're just a couple of cards from completing a set. Off the top of my head I can count a handful of cards I've overpaid for in my collecting lifetime. In the grand scheme of things I guess a few dollars either way doesn't matter all that much.

    Congrats on landing one of the big pieces you needed for your collection.