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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Free Roy Campanella Jersey Swatch!

My love for Roy Campanella is well-documented on this here blog. I was recently able to add a gorgeous piece of jersey to my collection in the below swatch from 2004 UD SP Legendary Cuts and the Ultimate Swatches subset.

The card is my fourth Campy hit and second jersey piece. It came courtesy of my good friend Austin who simply gave it to me because he knows how much I like collecting Campanella. His generosity has always been appreciated, and this latest gift will not go unrewarded. After all, I do find myself around cardboard every day.


  1. Modern swatches are really meh but the old flannels have a little more interest for me. That's a nice looking card.

  2. Great card. UD sure had some great photos for these cards.