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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Sensual Archer Sketch Card of Krieger.

Although I've completed my Master Set of Cryptozoic Archer I'm still on the hunt for new sketch cards, particularly those of Krieger. I was able to secure the below before I finalized the Master Set, and it's from one of my favorite scenes.

This definitely goes into my Sketch Card Hall of Fame. Tim Dowler is the artist behind this masterpiece of Doctor Algernop Krieger, my without a doubt favorite character on Archer.

It's not the exact scene the sketch is from but it's of a similar mold. Episode 2 in Season 2 (A Going Concern) is one of the absolute best all-around episodes.


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  2. Firstly, that's a special comment you got from "Women Phone Number." Go, Greg!

    Secondly, you're a weird beast of a collector, Plasch-Man. No one, not even Archer, beats the Plasch at Archer!

    Go, man, go!