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Monday, February 23, 2015

THE White Whale Ryan Getzlaf Auto!

There are many Ryan Getzlaf cards I'm still on the hunt for but one had eluded my grasp for months and months. Had being the operative word, because after a lot of patience and the card not appearing for what seemed like ages, a copy finally was listed. I was determined to get it at any cost, and thankfully that cost was minimal.

The above is Ryan Getzlaf's first autograph as far as my research on Getzy cards has revealed. I've never seen anything older than this 2004-2005 ITG Heroes and Prospects John Hancock which pictures The Captain in his Calgary Hitmen junior sweater. I think I've encountered maybe five copies of this at auction, and three went to the same bidder over a year ago. But for just $15.25 on Christmas day of 2014, a huge hole in my Getz PC was finally filled.


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  2. Congrats. Knocking off a long term goal is pretty satisfying. Nice card, btw

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