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Monday, March 9, 2015

Jay Johnstone is Awesome and Hilarious.

Working in a card shop brings new experiences with it each and every day. About two weeks ago we got a call from a guy looking to bring in some stuff he wanted to get rid of. The next day he called and asked if he could park his truck behind the store. He was almost backing up as he called so I wasn't going to say no. I let my boss know and he headed out to see what was what. My boss soon thereafter walks in with the gentleman and asks me if I know who he is. He tells me the guy hit a home run in the World Series, which of course narrows it down immensely.

As a look of bewilderment spread across my face the guy walked up to me, gave me a big hug, and informed me he was Ernie Banks. That humor should be expected considering the guy hugging me happened to be one of the game's all-time great pranksters, Jay Johnstone. A Dodger in the store! That alone made the day great. Jay proceeded to hang around for about an hour and tell us story after story. My bosses ended up buying everything he brought in, which included a couple of really cool and unique pieces as well as a boatload of 80s and 90s stuff sent to him directly from Sy Berger and Topps.

I had to grab something Dodgers-related for him to sign, and we happened to have the 1981 Topps O-Pee-Chee you see above in-stock. Jay kindly signed without any prompting and also was nice enough to sign the magazine you see above. Jay brought in a handful of those himself, handed them out, and told us it would make for some good bathroom material. Having him sign his John Hancock right across Steve Garvey's body seemed like the logical move.

Jay is actually the second Dodger to come in since I started working there, as Justin Turner came in a few months back. Many, many thanks to Jay for his kindness and willingness to autograph a couple of items for my collection!


  1. So cool. I have a few of Jay's cards. In the 70s and 80s he was one of my PC guys. Heck almost any big name from the 70s was/is on my PC. I really need to hunker down UGH oldtimers talk there UM get off my butt and finish those 1970s and 80s Topps sets.

  2. I need to move. ... and change jobs ... great day you had there.

  3. It's hard to hate a guy like Johnstone, and I certainly won't start. That guy always seemed to have fun in the game. Didn't care - was just happy to be there.

  4. That is awesome! If you hadn't required Dodger gear, I most certainly would have dove for the 1984 Fleer with him wearing the Budweiser umbrella hat.