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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1911 Helmar Stamps: Zack Wheat, SGC!

As the year has progressed it became clear to me I was adding a player to my collecting ways in a major fashion. I searched on eBay constantly and did research when I had the opportunity to purchase something of his. Though this is not the first card of this player I dropped dough on, it will be the first to make its PTSIA debut. Without further ado, my newest collection: Hall of Famer Zack Wheat!

So pretty and vintage-y! From 1911, I landed this Helmar Stamp of the Brooklyn Hall of Fame outfielder. It's been slabbed by SGC and was labeled with an Authentic tag, which is plenty good enough for me. It ran me roughly just over two blasters if memory serves me, and that's a much better use of that money in my opinion. I had never even heard of Helmar Stamps before stumbling upon this beaut, but I knew I had to snag it when I saw it up on eBay.

The Helmar Stamps set -- designated as T332s -- featured 180 players and could be found in packs of Helmar Cigarettes. They have blank banks, were not perforated, and were released by the American Tobacco Company. Thanks, OldCardboard.com and Google.


  1. I love this set... 'Cause it's probably one of the ugliest around! You got a great deal on those, too.

  2. That is by far the best mugshot I've ever seen!

    ...a real beauty, and it looks like the colors have stood the test of time, having that vintage glow.

    Congrats on a *huge* addition to the PC, Plasch-Man!