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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, Getzlaf, Wheat: Simple But Great PC Additions

I wanted to showcase a handful of new additions to various collections today in a quick and to-the-point post, and they span multiple sports and include my main four collections to boot.

My first Russ Martin as a Blue Jay card came courtesy of Austin, if memory serves. The Kemp '15 Heritage is from Mike and is a fitting sendoff to Kemp LAD cards. The Kemp/Kershaw dual is my second and heads to my Kid K PC, as the first copy resides with my Bison cards. Mike also gave me the Getzy, and the celebratory shot is great. The Wheat is something I've had lying around for some time (I think) and is a nice and simple addition to my newest player collection.

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