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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Matt Kemp: 2006 Topps '52 RC Auto!

My Matt Kemp Collection is slowly nearing 400 unique cards, and with his departure from L.A., current slump, and unfortunate injuries which derailed his career, prices on his harder to find and earlier hits are dropping right into my wheelhouse. Case in point, today's feature:

Out of 2006 Topps '52, this beautiful rookie card auto was a long time in the making, and was one of the elusive early Bison signatures I needed. I finally landed one for under $15 delivered, as patience usually pays off. A gorgeous Spring Training shot, Kemp wearing a number other than 27, and a bold on-card John Hancock all combine to make this one of my absolute favorite Mattycakes' cards.


  1. Nice pick up.
    Only plus with injuries and trade, his cardboard prices have dropped like a rock.

  2. After all is said and done with card designs, that card design may still be my favorite -- especially updated for today's players.

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  4. That's such a sick RC card. Right around the time you posted this I was perusing the 'Bay checking these out. Congrats on a pretty killer deal for a truly phenomenal card.