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Thursday, June 25, 2015

1952 Berk Ross Pickup: Robin Roberts

My love for Berk Ross has been quite apparent. Although I don't own a lot I really dig the 1951 and 1952 offerings; when I can get 'em cheap, I jump.

I recently jumped when I found out how affordable the above Robin Roberts from '52 Berk Ross was at my LCS, which of course doubles as my employer. I was listing the card and would have purchased it anyways, but noticed the previous set of eyes that had graded it missed the pinhole right above the "h" in Phillies. Slotting it in the Poor-to-Fair category simply made my decision all that much easier.

Seriously, a Hall of Famer from an oddball early '50s set that still has great eye appeal despite a pinhole? You don't need to up-sell me any.

And here's the back where the pinhole becomes more noticeable. But again, for under $4 it was an easy buy. I sincerely love working in a card shop, especially one that specializes in vintage-y goodness.