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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

4 Years In The Making: 2010-2011 Getzlaf-Perry Dominion Tag Team Combo #'d /15 (Prime Laundry Tags)!!!

I've undertaken a number of projects related to cardboard since reentering the hobby in 2010. Some have been completed, some are within reach, some will never be checked off, and some will encompass a lifetime. One of my more ambitious and enjoyable ventures has been working to complete the Master Set of Ryan Getzlaf cards from the inaugural release of Panini's (sadly) now-defunct and ultra-high-end release, Dominion Hockey. Dominion is my absolute favorite hockey set ever. Nothing comes close or even compares favorably in my eyes.

Oh patience, you sometimes helpful thing. I spent FAR less than I was willing to shell out for this vital need, and wound up getting a pair of FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL Prime Laundry Tags too boot!

That Getzy swatch though....

This bad boy is numbered 06/15 and fills a humongous need in my 2010-2011 Panini Dominion Getzlaf Master Set. I've been actively searching out this sweet pairing of running mates and future hockey Hall of Famers for roughly four years. The Tag Team Combo limited to just 15 copies rarely made itself available and was always out of my wallet's range. I snagged this for a paltry $23.49 shipped.

With the exception of a card limited to 25 everything else I still need is numbered out of 10 or less with most being 1 of 1s. So yeah, it's a lifelong project, but at least one more notch can be carved on the belt with today's showcased cardboard.

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