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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2008 Press Pass UCLA Dual Auto, BGS 9: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love!

I was finally able to secure my first auto of UCLA alum Russell Westbrook. I always prefer adding autos of guys who attended my Alma mater that feature them in college gear so Press Pass usually is the brand I target. A long, long time ago (before the start of the last season, I think) the below BGS 9/10 Auto appeared and not only was Russ present, but he brought along Kevin Love just for the hell of it. I have a few Love autos but I'm always game to add another and thankfully luck was on my side that day as a little over $30, if memory serves, held up as the high bid.

What really pulled me towards taking the plunge on this card -- beyond it staying within my budget -- was that Westbrook penned a fuller John Hancock on this Press Pass offering from 2008. His signature has become increasingly quicker and shorter as the years have gone by so adding an earlier autograph of his was a major draw. It's numbered 13/25 and the UCLA-themed color just seals the deal on the awesomeness of this slabbed slice of cardboard.

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