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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prospecting With 2014 Bowman: Julio Urias Black Parallel #'d /99

I've always been a prospect guy when it comes to collecting, and much more so when it comes to actual baseball. I generally have at least one prospect in the Dodgers' organization I heavily collect at all times and a few others I try to land deals on here and there. So when this Black Parallel -- #'d 50/99 -- from 2014 Bowman featuring 18-year-old lefty phenom Julio Urias popped up on eBay, I decided to add more of his cardboard after not picking anything up for some time.

I'm not pursuing Urias' cards as much as I chased and still chase after Corey Seager's cardboard. I think Julio will be a really good pro but prices have never been all that low for his cardboard as they were for a time with Corey. I've got an autograph of Julio (plus some in-person stuff) and a few rookies so unless something remains affordable as this Black Parallel was (less than $10 delivered) I won't be adding much more of his for the foreseeable future.

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