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Monday, September 14, 2015

Awesome Archer Addition: Krieger Talking Plush Doll + A Lucky Yates Auto!

This post is only a year in the making but although I acquired this cornerstone of my Archer Collection a long time ago I'm no less excited to finally share it and relive it's greatness again! Factory Entertainment had some amazing products at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con and they had a limited number of them available online. I knew I couldn't make the actual SDCC so I took advantage of their online offer and went straight for the item I most desired: a talking plush doll autographed by Lucky Yates, who voices the phenomenal Dr. Krieger!

I took a quick video on my phone so the quality isn't tremendous but you still get an idea of just how amazingly awesome this talking plush is! Krieger says 8 unique and memorable phrases and the quality of the doll is fantastic as well. The price was too good to pass up and I'm so happy I made the easy decision to buy one.

If only Fort Kickass was included in the phrase list. The Yates auto is on a tag that can be attached to the doll, and thankfully it's no sticker signature!


  1. Wow, that's pretty badass, Gr--

  2. That is pretty cool. My wife's cousin just got hired by Floyd County (the production company that created Archer), so she (the cousin) will be working on the new season of Archer. I was surprised to find out that the company is here in Atlanta.