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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There's Nothing More Beautiful Than a 2010 Ginter Matt Kemp Auto.

2010 Allen & Ginter will always hold a special place in my collecting heart as it was the first product I chased after reentering the hobby and it's what solidified my love for cardboard and collecting. It was also the first box I ever busted and I was fortunate enough to pull a Matt Kemp relic out of it. I will take as many of those relics as I can get my hands on and of course as many of his sweet on-card John Hancocks from 2010 as I possibly can.

That red border though....gorgeous! This is the second Kemp '10 A&G signature to enter my Bison PC and I just couldn't pass it up for the measly sum of $5.61 delivered with free shipping. Well, it's technically the third as I have one that had already been removed from the frame, but it's my second red framed beauty.


  1. You sure about that statement????



  2. Wow. That's a steal. Nice find.

  3. Thanks dudes!

    Jeff- Card-wise, of course haha ;)

    Stop posting pics of my wife!!!