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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Zack Wheat Wednesday: 1913 Tom Barker Game, Graded a PSA 5!

I like the alliteration so we'll have our second Wheat Wednesday with my latest pickup of the Brooklyn Hall of Famer. Latest to be slabbed might be the more correct phrasing of it. I sent this in through work at the same time as my 1923 Strip Card and was more than pleasantly surprised when it returned as a PSA 5.

I was expecting a 2 or 3 at best but I'll take a 5 every day of the week. I snagged this bad boy raw from eBay for just over $30 delivered and prior to acquiring it I was entirely unfamiliar with the 54-card star-laden set. The simple photo of Wheat is just fantastic and the black and white really works well.

Here's the back; I really dig the design and card game aspect of it all.

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