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Friday, February 5, 2016

Rules Were Made To Be Broken

I've made a concerted effort to refocus my collecting desires and pull back on some of the frivolous, for lack of a better term, spending I've fallen prey to in the past. Rather than make a bunch of small eBay purchases on things I like I'd much rather make one or two larger purchases on things I love.

This has been more difficult than it was to give up retail early on in my re-entry into the hobby, which I quickly realized ended up being nothing more than a waste of money for me and what I wanted to accomplish. I've seen improvement recently as December saw just two purchases and I can now go weeks without buying on eBay and not really think twice about it.

January saw an uptick in purchases but a few of those were secured with little to nothing out of pocket after some holiday cash was spent, I sold a book on Half, and a few eBay Bucks came rolling in. I also have begun to try and not buy things I already have while prioritizing what I don't think I'll come across soon or ever again. Now with all that being said, sometimes you just have to throw your hands up in the air and open your wallet no matter the circumstances and do so while looking at that very piece of cardboard already comfortably residing in your collection.

Hello Mr. Campanella! It's me! I couldn't resist picking up a second copy of the Hall of Fame backstop's 1949 Bowman RC.

This one ran me less than the first and it's in better condition despite someone writing "Roy Campanella" across the top. I came into a bit of extra cash so this essentially ran me not much over a blaster out of pocket.

What really sold me on taking the plunge on a second copy -- beyond my obvious love of Campy -- was the lack of creases in the card. The first Roy, seen above, will always hold a special place in my collecting heart and memories, but I wouldn't be opposed to adding even more of his brethren in the coming years. Because really, vintage is so under-priced it's scary.


  1. Great card. 2016 is the year of key purchases for me as well. I'm trying my best to avoid dime box purchases and want to start targeting single cards I have always wanted.

  2. Right on! Looks like the original owner was making a design change. "These cards should have the player's name on the front!"