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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Dozen New Matt Kemp Relics

Another chapter in the long-running not really a series but basically a series of posts detailing the great cards I picked up from Alex of Chavez Ravining fame way back in early 2015. Today's post (Part 6) is entirely comprised of Matt Kemp jersey cards. So get ready to dine on Bison for the next few minutes.

My favorite relic is this gorgeous Tribute Titans Blue Parallel, numbered 15/50, out of 2014 Topps Tribute. Blue parallels and Dodgers' cardboard were just made for each other.

Kemp's 30/30 campaign (almost 40/40 season where the Dodgers lost a game due to a cancellation that was never played) is commemorated with this bat relic numbered 23/36 from 2013 Triple Threads. That was a magical season despite the team not being very good beyond Matty and Clayton.

Heritage relics are really aesthetically-pleasing with their throwback ways. This Clubhouse Collection swatch out of 2012 Topps Heritage has that simple but elegant feel to it.

The 2011 Triple Threads Unity relics could be combined to make a larger picture but that's more work than I feel like engaging in. This Kemp slice of uniform is numbered 17/27 as the Sepia variation.

Back to bat chunks as this bad boy - #'d 196/399 - comes to us from '13 Tier One.

Future Foundations is an apt description of Mattycakes from 2009 and Upper Deck ran with it for this UD Icons hit. If only Upper Deck had not been so shady.

Taking a quick one-card detour into unlicensed territory finds us staring at a slice of lumber from the Bat Kings subset of 2014 Donruss Series 2 Baseball. The card is numbered 05/25 and Panini decided that print-run should be referred to as the Studio Series parallel. Ok then.

Detour over as we return to Topps and this dual jersey card from the Famous Four-Baggers (great name for a set, fyi) subset of 2013 Topps Tribute. This Blue (!) Parallel (#'d 20/50) joins the gold version I already have.

A pair of online exclusives is up next with these mini relics from 2013 and 2014, respectively. I prefer the bat relic between the two mostly because the design is better, although I like the photo of Kemp on the '13 variation more.

Finally, in wrapping up the new additions to the Kemp Collection, we have a pair of "Power and Speed" multi-relic swatches from 2011 Triple Threads. The top Emerald Parallel is 01/18 and the bottom Sepia version is 11/27.

Finally, three relics which I already had but am more than happy to have another copy of. The Gypsy Queen is definitely my favorite of the trio.

Appreciate it, as always, Alex!

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