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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Single Cardboard Day: 1983-1984 0-Pee-Chee Mike Liut, # 316.

I've been keeping purchases to a minimum over the last month or so not because there isn't stuff I like but mainly due to the fact that I'm being more selective. But I just had to splurge when I stumbled upon a card I had seen months earlier and immediately wanted to secure. My big purchase, clocking in at a whopping 75 cents: Mike Liut's 1983-84 O-Pee-Chee offering.

There's just sooooo much to love about this brilliant piece of cardboard. The fantastic yet simple all-white mask Mike is sporting that is reminiscent of the Jason movie mask; the phenomenal colors the Blues had and those great musical note sweaters; the color-coordinated goalie stick; and that blocker studded with Lemonheads and clearly made from a 70s-era couch.

Here's the card back for those who enjoy them. Liut was an All-Star with a goals-against in the 3s. Different, different times I tell ya.


  1. Nice card. Good waffleboard shot, and I am shocked at how the sweater hangs on his body, like he is wearing practically no protection underneath. Looks like he got pulled from the stands, handed a mask and gloves and pushed between the pipes.

  2. I was starved for hockey cards living in Atlanta in the 80's. There was one store that had packs of this set. I bought about 50 packs overall. Never got the Gretzky but I got most of the good rookies and many Gretzky parallels. I think I have this card in storage. Let me know if you want any more cards from this set and I will send them your way.