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Friday, May 6, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage Wood Grain Front, Glossy Back SSP /10: Matt Kemp SP!

I've significantly cut back on my card buying. Instead of attacking multiple PCs I've decided to focus in on harder-to-find items for a while. These tend to run on the more expensive side but bring me greater joy. They also tend to be of the vintage variety which means my modern-day player collections have inevitably suffered.

That doesn't mean I won't target and pick off a modern card if the price is right, as was the case with the above 2016 Topps Heritage variation of Matt Kemp's regular card (which also happens to be a SP this year). I had no idea this particular variation even existed until I came across the eBay listing. Subsequent research did not prove all that helpful but apparently these Wood Grain Front/Glossy Back Parallels are limited to about 10 copies or less.

Not that you can actually see the grain or gloss all that well but nevertheless, I digress. It's a neat variation and for $8 delivered it's all that much sweeter. This latest addition to my Bison Collection was part of a mini-mini splurge in April but much to my surprise I have not minded my hiatus from buying for many a reason.