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Monday, May 2, 2016

Does Anyone Know? A Blogger Question.

I've wanted to change the comment format on the blog for some time now. Currently you can't directly reply to a comment someone has left and I enjoy that feature on all of the other blogs I've seen it on. I've tried to figure out how Blogger works in that sense and keep running into a dead-end.

So, if anyone can guide me to the correct way to change the way comments are left on the blog so anyone can directly reply to somebody's comment, I'd greatly appreciate it.


  1. Hmm have you tried changing the "comment location"? (settings -> posts and comments -> comment location) I think "embedded" is the option that does it. The full page and pop-up window opens a separate window that might be the difference.

  2. As a side thing - change the notification on your comments. Everytime I leave a comment I get an email about not being able to deliver the comment to some Yahoo address.

    1. Should be good to go now Jeff, let me know. Although I always get the notification when you have commented in the past.

      Also, our girl got engaged. :(