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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Priced Out Of Corey Seager Cards

I remember fondly the days when I could buy a not super high-end Corey Seager auto for less than $20 at the most. With his arrival in the bigs and consensus number one overall prospect status heading into 2016 prices have jumped to astronomical levels on all of his desirable cardboard and I've essentially relegated myself to waiting a few months for a potential deal, although that could take longer.

One of our regulars came in and busted three boxes of 2016 Bowman Jumbo. He let me enjoy the good times and bust a few of the packs which is always fun. He's building the set but was kind enough to give me one of his doubles. That double just so happened to be the rookie card (or rookie year technically I guess oh for the days of just one RC) of one Corey Seager.

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