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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When Customers Leave Cards Behind....

We have had a few customers in my time at work who bust boxes only for the hits or the highest-end of the hits they could pull. They leave stuff behind -- sometimes as much as 95% of what was in the box or boxes they busted -- and occasionally my bosses let me take a card or two for myself. This is that story (insert Law & Order music here).

A brand new Matt Kemp and a new Clayton Kershaw, both hailing from 2016 Bowman. Plus a really cool Ryan Getzlaf base card from 2015-2016 Upper Deck Ice which is just a stellar product, aesthetically-speaking.

I also snagged a 2016 Bowman card of top Houston Astros' prospect Alex Bregman. I figured hey, why not; dude is on the box, after all.


  1. This would happen all the time at my old card shop before it closed. This was early to mid 2000's so people were batshit crazy over hits. I couldn't tell you how many times I paid $5 for all the non hits. Many of the inserts and parallels I received are more valuable than the jersey cards.

  2. This still happens all the time at one of my LCS's. I can remember stopping in and there were stacks of base cards from some new product all over the counter. Don told me that he's got a guy who does just that, busts a ton of product and only takes what he wants and leaves the rest to go into the nickle and dime boxes.

  3. A nice bonus from working in a card shop.

  4. I've worked at a few card shops and I loved those guys who pulled the hits and left everything else behind. These days I have a guy who sets up at the flea market who pretty much does the same thing, except he doesn't give the base and non-hit inserts to me. He just gives me a really good deal on them.