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Monday, June 20, 2016

Love-ing The King

I post the same card every year after the NBA Finals if whatever team LeBron James is on wins it all. I love The King and I love this card. I'm pumped they won and happy for all of Cleveland and Ohio. As a Dodgers' fan born after 1988 as well as a Chargers' fan, I can understand long droughts without winning.

I'm also a huge Kevin Love fan with UCLA being my Alma mater and having met the man once upon a time -- he was very, very nice -- so I'm thrilled to see him with a ring. He was a beast on the glass in Game 7.

Both of the above are the best card of each guy I own (both are #'d /25.)


  1. Didn't watch the game... but from what I heard King James was the man. That patch is awesome... and that dual auto isn't too shabby either.

    1. Thanks! Yeah the game was great it was the best game of the series by far.