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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A LeBron James Patch, Back-To-Back.

For the second year in a row I get to display this gorgeous centerpiece of my collection following a great NBA playoffs and a Heat title.

These last two postseasons have made me a bigger NBA fan than I've ever been, and I'm quite happy for James that his team ended both campaigns on top.


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  2. Still a fantastic card. I really enjoyed these finals, though it made it hard to get any sleep. Since most games started at 9pm on the east coast.

    "The everyday charging of a phone is really a tough and crazy task..."


  3. Thanks Spankee! I can imagine how tough that was, thankfully everything was 6 or earlier here on the West Coast.

    And that spam bot left FIVE comments on various posts, all the same garbage.

  4. It is a good year for them and no doubt that they are really strong and they win the championships.Sadly i am Spurs Fan.