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Friday, July 8, 2016

THE PC Need: Matt Kemp 2005 Bowman Chrome Blue REF BGS 8.5/10 Auto!

The final card of the five-card batch I sent in to BGS through my good friend Matthew of Dodger Penguin fame debuts today. It also happens to be my favorite card, by far, of the lot. A card I've wanted for a long, long time and am beyond thrilled to add to my Matt Kemp PC. It's easily the centerpiece of said collection.

The Blues were limited to 150 copies and mine is serial-numbered 030/150. The centering got knocked the most in netting a grade of 8 with the surface clocking in at 8.5. Corners picked up a 9 and edges were deemed the best at 9.5. What matters most to me is I own this beaut and it's eternally safe and sound around my clumsy hands (I've dropped my phone today once as of this typing).

I mean what's not to love about this sexy piece of cardboard? The Spring Training background; Matty just chilling on the batting cage; The Bison sporting the number 84; the chrome-y-ness of Bowman Chrome also hitting the mark; and of course the fact that it's a blue parallel with a blue signature on a Dodgers' card seals the deal.

I scanned both of these together before sending them to BGS with Penguin so I figured why not include the scan here. So pretty, whether in holders or free from plastic tombs. I hope to one day pick up at least one more of each.

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  1. Dodger blue, blue parallel, and blue ink... Beautiful.
    Someday Topps will do a set where all the autos are done by team colors. All players will be captured wearing a dark colored away jersey or alternate, the borders and signature will both match the jersey color AND it will sell really well on the secondary market.