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Friday, December 16, 2016

Clayton Kershaw 2006 Bowman Sterling Prospects Auto, BGS 9.5/9 Auto

I sent a handful of cards in to be graded by Beckett with Matthew of Dodger Penguin fame. I got them back a few weeks ago and I'll slowly get them recapped. The first is a card I showcased way back in 2011, and it came back in a spiffy 9.5 holder with fantastic subgrades.

I laugh looking at what I was able to pick up Kersh signatures for back in the day. This beaut ran me $17.57 delivered and if only I had possessed the wherewithal and bank account to stock up more than I did at the time. The auto, as you can see, garnered a 9 as Clayton has a penchant for signing to the edge whether it's on-card or on a sticker. Nothing I can do about that, and I'm just thrilled this graded out as well as it did.

I'm never selling it but I must admit these holders do look quite aesthetically-pleasing. This is one of my favorite Kid K cards for many reasons, not the least of which is that the back references one of my favorite trivia questions/interesting factoids: Clayton was the high school center for Matthew Stafford.


  1. Hey.. I know that card. Great return. Look forward to your next batch in a couple of months

    1. Haha thanks as always for allowing me to submit through you! And yes! I'm building up a nice grouping of cardboard.