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Monday, January 30, 2017

1951 Laval Dairy QSHL: Dick Wray PSA 6

My boss and I found a pair of unique cards floating around the store a while back. They were sent off to PSA and I came to find they hailed from the 1951 Laval Dairy QSHL set. They happened to be probably the two best to find as we unearthed a Jacques Plante and a Jean Beliveau. I would love to one day add the Plante to my vintage collection but unfortunately spending a lot of money on one right now is not in the cards. The cheapest I've ever seen sold months ago on eBay before I decided I wanted one in my PC.

I went to eBay to track down a cheap one and landed on this Dick Wray offering, slabbed a PSA 6. Just over half a blaster was right up my alley and the card already being graded played a huge factor in choosing Wray as these blank-backed beauties are not my forte and I wanted to ensure I bought a real one. Also, I've long held the theory that most athletes in the 50s and 60s and earlier were named Dick, so this only served to reaffirm my theory.


  1. Very cool piece! I love vintage hockey. Sharing on twitter (@beansbcardblog).

    -kin (ifeellikeacollectoragain.blogspot.com)

  2. Never seen these before. That's part of what makes reading blogs so much fun. Great pick-up!

    1. Thanks! And agreed! I've found out about countless sets from reading about the collecting adventures of others.