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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Long Overdue Thanks To My BB4L!

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders fame sent along a great package of cardboard and non-cardboard during the holidays. Yes, I'm slow and well behind on things but I wanted to properly thank him for the awesome stuff he sent along.

Brand new additions to my Kemp, Kershaw, and Martin PCs kick things off.

Another new Mattycakes, who is matched with Martin and PTSIA favorite Chad Billingsley as well as old friend Hiroki Kuroda. Four Angels' swatches are on the back, but I wasn't wasting my time scanning in Halos. The most notable would be Long Beach State Dirtbag Jered Weaver and former Dodger Howie Kendrick. It's numbered 154/200.

A sweet quad relic, numbered 22/50, popped out next. Most notable among the Ducks are Hampus Lindholm and Emerson Etem, whom I saw drafted in-person and used to collect heavily.

The final card I scanned in features Dodger and Bruin Chase Utley. It's a gold parallel numbered 0297/2016 out of 2016 Topps Series 1 and I love that Chase is ending his career where it could have begun had he signed rather than choosing the collegiate route.

Thanks BB4L!!


  1. Glad you liked them (and I couldn't remember if you'd posted them yet so I hardly even remembered what I'd sent!)

    1. Haha we're getting old man! And I do enjoy them, so many thanks again!