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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Meeting Robert Carradine

Actor Robert Carradine was at the card shop I work at back in June of 2015. He was shooting an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap where he and T.O. switched places. Thus, Carradine was doing an "autograph signing." The whole thing was humorous and beyond staged. They filmed for probably an hour and a half and ended up using 15 seconds for the actual episode. I did see myself on TV for a brief second. Woo woo.

Carradine, while he clearly didn't want to be there, was nice enough to sign a couple photos -- I also got a prop football signed because they gave me the football, so why not -- and he took a picture with me as well. We chatted for a brief moment. He'll always be the dad in Lizzie McGuire to me (and Revenge Of The Nerds wasn't half bad either).

It was interesting continually reminding my boss it was imperative to not call Robert "David Carradine." The travails of being an employee, am I right.

T.O.'s "friend" who was with Robert was pretty hot, at least.