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Thursday, March 2, 2017

'15 Bowman's Best Auto: Walker Buehler

I finally picked up my first autograph of 2015 first-round draft pick Walker Buehler. I've wanted one of his signatures for some time and I've debated collecting him in a more thorough manner but never pulled the trigger on either front.

Patience worked as I landed the above 2015 Bowman's Best John Hancock for just $6.50 delivered. Ignoring how dirty my scanner is, it's a great-looking set and a simple design that works well. I don't think I'll collect him heavily any time soon but I'm happy to have one of his hits. Plus, Walker Buehler is just a really cool name.


  1. He's a pitcher named "walker".

    1. haha... good observation. I always laughed at pitcher Grant Balfour's (Ball Four) name.