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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Clayton Kershaw 2015 Topps Heritage '51 Collection Blue Back Autographs, #'d 05/25: BGS 9.5-10 Auto!

I couldn't be happier concerning the card I get to showcase today. I landed it back in late September of last year as the sole bidder. I got a steal on it (with free shipping to boot) and was able to pay for it entirely through the fruits of selling for the first time ever at a card show. I parted with a Jered Weaver patch as well as two mystery packs I created for the show that included 5 hits. So for the price of 11 hits I had no interest in I was able to land a brand new Clayton Kershaw John Hancock, limited to just 25 copies as the icing on the cardboard cake.

It's a trade I would make 101 times out of 100 opportunities. Fast forward to earlier this year and I sent it off to Beckett in the hopes of a good grade. My hopes were answered when this beauty, numbered 05/25, returned with a gorgeous gold banner as a 9.5-10 AU. I dig the 1951 Topps design as that set is great in and of itself. Thanks again to Penguin for submitting to BGS for me!


  1. Awesome card! Gotta love flipping stuff you don't want and turning it into a treasured item in your collection.

    1. For sure! That's my goal most of the time, it just usually never gets past step 1 haha.