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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Is It Still Prospecting When I Pick Up Julio Urias Cards At This Point?

What with Julio having been excellent to close out 2016 and all. He's hurt now but I expect he'll still end up being pretty great once he returns down the road from his season-ending shoulder surgery. He's still only 21 and I want to pick up a few nice PC pieces -- and potential flip pieces -- while prices on his cardboard are down after a dramatic drop from their pre-injury levels.

This is by far the nicest of the two cards I've landed since he was hurt. For roughly the price of a blaster, this beautiful 2017 Gypsy Queen Black and White Auto Parallel, numbered 85/99, already came in the spiffy BGS 9.5-10 AU holder. It's a great looking card to start and the signature being hard-signed is an added bonus.

1 comment:

  1. Once he surpasses rookie status I don't think it's considered prospecting anymore.