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Friday, September 1, 2017

Collecting Cutch Moves My Matt Kemp PC Beyond The 500 Unique Card Mark!

Which, considering I've put very little effort into picking up Kemp cards over the last year plus or so, is actually somewhat impressive. I still love Matt and he'll always remain one of my favorites and I'll still love picking up new cards of his. However, as I've readjusted my collecting strategies I've really focused on just a couple of new players and picking up autos of them and completing as much of my Campy and Wheat PCs as I can.

This beauty is the 1/1 Black Prizm Parallel of The Bison out of 2013 Panini Select and the Select Team subset. The shot itself of Kemp is pretty cool but the warm-up attire, I could do without.

A couple of variant cards of Mattycakes are up next. Brian dubbed the first a "zombie" parallel which I think is quite fitting. The high five photo variation is simply fantastic. Matt was always extremely nice the few times I met him.

Collecting life is always better when Corey Seager makes an appearance. Tagging along were a couple of new additions to my Russ Martin PC.

Thank you as always for your generosity Brian! My eyes are always open for anything McCutchen or Morton for your collections!


  1. Glad you liked the cards amigo. You already sort of hooked me up by getting me in contact for that Cutch plate I needed. I loved that photo variant of Kemp. Such a cool photo.

    1. This is why the card blogging community is so fantastic. I shall keep my eyes open nevertheless! And yeah, that's a great photo Topps got a hold of.