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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maybe My Rarest Roy Campanella Card: 1950 R423 Orange Back, Graded A PSA 4!

Today's post features what might be the rarest Roy Campanella card I own. It's certainly been the most difficult to acquire despite it not being the most expensive (from a book value or actual sales perspective) or the most desirable. I think I've encountered maybe 3 of these ever on eBay and when this one popped up I was determined to land it at just about any semi-reasonable cost.

Thankfully its acquisition proved much easier than I anticipated as I was the sole bidder and took it down for under $30 delivered already in its gorgeous PSA 4 home. It hails from the underrated 1950 R423 set which is chock full of Hall of Fame players like Ruth and DiMaggio and Mathewson. I hope to one day acquire a full strip of these miniature beauties.

These can be hard to find on eBay as Gypsy Oak has done a commemorative set and often they're listed online without back scans or a denotation that it's not an original. I've seen dozens and dozens of the reprint Campy but thankfully I can finally cross this need off of my list.