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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1972 Icee Bear: Oscar Robertson, PSA 8!

I recently landed a card from one of my low-key favorite sets. It's actually the second card from this set I've picked up but the first to be posted. I don't collect a ton of basketball but oddball cards of Hall of Fame players is starting to appeal more and more to me. So my first Oscar Robertson was an easy decision:

The 1972 Icee Bear set has so, so much going for it. Here's some info from PSA. The set is only 20 cards deep and is chock full of HOFers. It's a simple set aesthetically-speaking but simple is often better in my mind.

Now that's how you do a card back. One card was distributed with each Icee Bear Slurpee purchased. If I ever put together a basketball set, it would be this one.


  1. Great Big O addition. That set has a wicked checklist. I'd love to find a Connie Hawkins card.

  2. I like it. I may have to look for a cheap copy of Bob Love.

  3. I have the Hondo, my only card from the set.

  4. I just got my first from this set in August. Really flimsy paper. But so cool. I'll be adding more someday, I hope.

  5. Sweet oddball. Never saw Robertson play, but I've heard plenty of people talk about him. The guy is a legend.