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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Mini COMC Purchase With My Favorite Johnny Bench Card....Back

I emphasize back as the 1969 Bench -- both the Topps and OPC versions -- represent my favorite Bench cardboard. However, the greatest Bench card back resides with the below beaut I recently added to my Johnny Collection via COMC.

1971 OPC! These cards are just fantastic as the yellow back really pops and stands out. '71s in general are great when even just in mid-grade condition, and this card actually presents much better than the VG it is as the surface creases are only visible in-hand. They're hidden so well that the one through his right cheek would appear to not even be there.

$7 and change earned exclusively through COMC challenges was too good a deal.

Next up I decided to do a bit of prospecting on Ben Simmons and picked up a quartet of low-end 2016-17 Hoops RCs. I think Simmons is going to be great and if he becomes a star I can potentially flip a couple of these, maybe even getting them slabbed first. Generally speaking I like guys who possess his all-around offensive skill-set and that 76ers team is loaded with top-end talent.

The final cards for me were the above pair of Kristaps Porzingis RCs. Another guy I enjoy watching and another guy I think is a star or at the least star-bound. They were affordable and the man has a slew of phenomenal nicknames.

I picked up one final card which will be heading to a great blogging friend to complete a semi-long ago trade. I think he'll quite enjoy it.


  1. Love that Bench! I have a handful of 1971 OPC baseball cards that I received from a fellow blogger. Before then, I never knew about those awesome backs. I really should go out and look for more. Those floating heads rule!

    1. Thanks! And yes! The floating heads are amazing.