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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adding A Unique George Sisler To My Pre-War PC: 1925 Boguslavsky Cigarettes

It's not a set project but I enjoy adding legendary pre-war Hall of Famers to my collection when the price is right and the card is awesome (the weirder, the better). One card of each guy is sufficient to start and I happened to come across the below George Sisler somewhere. It was really cool and I knew I'd soon have to track down a copy of this 1925 Boguslavsky Cigarettes offering sooner than later.

In briefly researching Sisler for this post I learned he pitched in college -- striking out 20 in just seven innings as a freshman -- and played his college baseball for Dodgers' legend Branch Rickey, who was the coach at Michigan at the time.

Here's the back with an interesting write-up of Sisler.


  1. Well I'm jealous, that's nice, BB4L! And now you know why I collect Sisler.

    1. Lol you'll land one soon enough BB4L! Positive thoughts amigo!

  2. As far as tobacco cards go, I can't imagine they get much more beautiful than that!

  3. That card is beautiful. If they made that painting into a poster, I'd buy it and hang it up in my house. Congratulations Greg!