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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 2: Dave DeBusschere, Slabbed A PSA 8

I recently posted about acquiring a gorgeous PSA 8 of Oscar Robertson from the 1972 Icee Bear Set and how much it tempted me to make a run at the set. While I was mostly kidding about attempting that anytime soon, a recent eBay purchase has made me change my mind on undertaking that theoretical project.

Here's the second card in that 20-card project, also encased in a lovely PSA 8 holder. Dave DeBusschere was a two-sport star who reached the pros in both, and somehow it took me this long to realize it was the same DeBusschere who played baseball and is featured on a sweet '63 Topps 4-floating heads rookie. I should have figured that out sooner as that baseball rookie has a variation and I've handled the card a lot, but I never connected the dots. I'm slow.

I will be attempting this new project without a set deadline. However, with the commons being cheap -- and even a Hall of Famer like DeBusschere who was voted one of the 50 Greatest NBA players ever only ran me a paltry $4.49 delivered -- any dedication to the venture could see it quickly near the finish line.

I will be aiming for every card to be slabbed in an 8, although I'd have no problem nabbing the stars and any SPs in a 7 if need be or if cost proved prohibitive of tracking down an 8.


  1. Very cool project. I've gotta see about adding one of those 63T DeBusschere rookie cards to my collection.

    1. Thanks Fuji! And definitely, those '63 rookies are fantastic.

  2. This should be a fun set for you to collect! Off the top of my head I can only think of four cards that will end up being somewhat on the pricey side, so at least you won't have to break the bank in order to pursue the set.