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Monday, November 27, 2017

When Andrew McCutchen Hit Number 200, I Won A Bunch of Cool Stuff

Brian of Collecting Cutch fame held a contest a while back to predict when Andrew McCutchen would hit his 200th career dinger. I managed to somehow guess the exact day and found a bunch of goodies in my mailbox shortly thereafter as my contest winnings.

The main draw of Brian's contest with this slick-looking autograph of Hall of Fame hurler Bob Gibson. It is my first John Hancock of Gibson and is numbered 96/100. I was not and am not at all familiar with these Historic Autograph Originals but I do like that it came pre-slabbed.

Here's a fantastic Matt Kemp 1/1 Yellow Plate from his 2006 Updates & Highlights rookie card. I'm always happy to add another sweet hit to my Bison Collection.

Three new additions to the Minotaur PC.

Two more Mattycakes cards I was previously without.

ManBearSeag! Hope the elbow heals up fully over the offseason.

Finally, random goodness and three of my favorite Dodgers ever.

Brian, as always, you are too generous! Thank you my friend!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on correctly guessing #200. I'm always looking for Kemp Kershaw Martin Seager cards for you. I'm pretty sure I am tapped out at this point for what's local of those 4 guys.

    Btw...the Kershaw Cutch card was intended for you years ago, but I lost it in a random pile of Tigers cards (no idea how or why).