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Friday, November 24, 2017

Custom Simpsons Sketch Cards!

Today I have a couple of truly fantastic additions to my Simpsons PC to share. One of my absolute favorite customers just so happens to work on The Simpsons in the art department. He was recently in the shop and did a quick sketch for my boss' son who was about to have a birthday. He was kind enough to draw a couple for me on his next visit.

I usually use the decoys companies put in packs to prevent pack-searching to ship our online orders but clearly this is a much better use of them. He jokingly said he'll sketch every time he comes in....that's an offer I can totally get behind!


  1. Very cool! I wish there were more Simpsons cards available. I use those white decoys for autographs on the rare occasion I get one.

    1. The two Inkworks' Simpsons autograph sets from the early 2000s are magical.

  2. That is neat that you have a connection to the show, and that he is happy to do the sketches for you.

  3. That was super cool of your customer to draw those for you. Awesome additions to the Simpsons PC.