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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1925 Universal Toys & Novelty: SGC 40 Hand-Cut!

The newest pickup for my Zack Wheat PC is this beautiful hand-cut strip card that I was able to land via eBay already in an SGC 40 VG slab. I may have overpaid slightly as it was a win from PWCC and their auctions tend to run a little on the high end compared to other sellers. However, I rarely see this Wheat anywhere near my range and this VG copy has great eye-appeal.

The 1925 Universal Toys & Novelty set, while not very colorful, still intrigues me with its simplicity. Plus, any playing-era Zack Wheat is desirable in my book. The backs are blank and below is a full uncut sheet of all of the Dodgers.

I'm slowly chipping away at what I hope will one day be a master Wheat collection.


  1. Sweet card. If Universal Toys & Novelty could do a great job of cropping an action shot back in 1925, you'd think Topps would have been able to master that skill by now.

    1. I'm still laughing at this comment....but yes ;)

      And thanks!